SEAS-IT is an all-in-one solution for supporting all of your marine insurance processes. It consists of six separate modules:

  • Underwriting
  • Survey
  • Claims
  • Validation
  • Administration
  • Reporting
And additional sub-processing modules ("SP") combined with the state of the art features ("SF") such as:
  • Supplementary-calls Management,(SP)
  • Internal-mail Communication, (SP)
  • Flag & Alert Collections Management (SF)
  • Selective Security & User Security Management (SP)
  • Managed Access Controlled Internal Job Assignment (SP)
  • Fixed Database Set-up Facilities, (SP)
  • Live Snippets to Fixed Database Conversion Facilities, (SF)
  • Multi Criteria Combo Report Generator, (SP)
  • Offline E-Survey Forms With Automatic Record Updates Upon Connection (SF)
  • Users Operational Assistance, Error Handlers & Alerts Management (SF)